Joyful Hearts Play Therapy & Counseling Center, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Practicum Counseling Students.  These graduate students are in their last two semesters of graduate school, and will be completing their practicum work (field experience) in our office.

They will be under weekly supervision as they see clients.  These students will see clients at a reduced rate, as they gain experience and work towards the hours needed to meet graduation requirements.  Each of our practicum students can see individuals, couples, and families.  Additionally, Play Therapy is a specialty of each of our practicum students.

They will begin seeing clients in mid-January.  For more information about setting up an appointment with one of our counseling students, please contact the office, 281-719-0341.

Fees for Service:

Intake Session (70-90 minutes) - $50.00

Individual or Play Therapy Session (45-50 minutes) - $50.00

Couples Counseling or Family Therapy Session (70-90 minutes) - $50.00

Group Sessions - Varies by group